Leading food manufactuirng company

Al Bashaier Company for Food Industries is a shareholding Egyptian company, leading in importing and raising of living calves, preparing, processing, & selling meat, in addition to some partnerships and investments in regional and international countries like Brazil, Ukraine, Colombia, and Ethiopia.

The company works from day one to serve fresh and high-quality meat products to clients & customers, and applying the highest international standards in raising, processing, packaging, quality and customer support.

Since we believe the value of integrity, development, and social responsibility, we always work to continually improve our level and release new products and lines in the local markets, and the regional ones as well, to participate in the economic growth and increase the hiring levels in both local and regional markets, in line with the Egyptian vision 2030 to make Egypt a leading industrial country in Africa and the region

Al Bashaier Farm is considered one of the largest animal farms in Egypt, since it’s on an area of 130 acres and has 30 thousand heads of calves capacity.

The farm

The farm qualifies to the international standards of calves raising and care, starting from feeding the calves with 100% natural feed up to the daily regular veterinarian care and bypassing to a daily active, clean, and safe lifestyle…etc .

The slaughter

Albashaier has an automatic slaughterhouse with the latest technologies and systems with equipment that can slaughter 50 calves per hour, in a completely clean and safe way according to the international standards

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